Feb 3, 2010

New Years Eve 2009 (Kids Celebration)

So my friend Danielle (SUPER MOM!) always has fun ideas, activities, etc. So she invited us to Rain Forest Cafe for the kids celebration of New Years. They had a buffet line for the kids, a balloon drop, and other cute activities.

But Ella was most excited to be with the other kids, especially her little friend Addison (who is a DOLL)!

Our friends (and old neighbors) the Trasks (both: Mark & Jeanette and Kevin & Hayres) joined us as well! Isn't Troy so cute!

The girls doing cheers with their glass cups.


  1. Katie, they are Superman jammies...and he wears them every night. LOL
    We were commenting again last night how we had such a good time. We would love to keep this as a tradition too. But Ill have a little tag a long this next new years. LOL

  2. It was good to see you too Heidi!!! I love seeing your kids grow! They are dolls! Thanks, I do love Wesley's red hair, and I am hoping it stays! :-p You never know...maybe your next will be a red head!!