Mar 17, 2010

OUR CRUISE: Mexican Riviera

One of the best and most memorable weeks of my life! We had so much fun, I was so grateful for this time with family and for the family who watched all of our kids.
(so forgive all the pictures, and these are just mine, probably more to come)...

Matt & Katie (Ned's sis), Mark & Lindsay, Steve & Amy (Ned's sis), and Ned & I.

The beaches of CABO SAN LUCAS were probably my most favorite beach port.

This is our ship from where we ate lunch, on top of a little restaurant. And with my cheapo camera, isn't it beautiful?

We rented sea doo's and had a BLAST! We saw sea lions right next to us, beautiful water, the iconic cliffs on the tip of Cabo. It was SO beautiful and SO fun!

Puerto Vallarta
This was probably our favorite destination of the three, mainly because we took an excursion to this beautiful little port town (see 1st picture below). It started with a boat ride in the ocean, a Swiss Mercedes army jeep ride, a mule ride, rappelling down waterfalls, jungle bridges and the longest and highest zip-lines in Mexico. It was AWESOME! I will do a separate post on this trip alone.

It was really windy the day we were in Mazatlan and so we basically had fun taking crazy taxi's all over town. They blasted their music for us and we danced and sang (I even got in trouble by local military, another story). I have a few videos but I don't know if I want to post them, or if my counterparts would appreciate it. REMEMBER we had no kids...we got a little silly/goofy/crazy...however you want to put it.
We ate yummy food (and got free shrimp from Virgina, remember guys? ha ha ha) and had tasty margarita's!

We also did some shopping and walked through a few markets and found a few interesting things you don't usually see in the US on the streets. It made us all vegetarians for about 1/2 a day.

We enjoyed so much while cruising on the ship! Eating to our hearts content (+10 times more) on delicious food. We had the BEST servers that were so fun, played trivia games with us every night at our table, and sang with and to us. We enjoyed all the entertainment (some GREAT and some not so great shows). Going to the CLUB. Eating at the buffet (cookies, pizza, etc.) at midnight EVERY NIGHT (yes I gained 5lbs!). The Climbing wall, ice skating "tag", diet coke for DAYS, laying by the pool, soaking in the hot tub, dying in the sauna and steam rooms.
The boys acting silly and dressed alike too...

Every night they would take a picture of the couples at the table and then the ladies ALONE. After the 3rd night I said really I don't want a picture by myself I wont ever buy it. So then my husband steps in and says "I'll take her photo" then he does his Uncle Rico pose (below) and I loved it so much I BOUGHT it! Sure enough every night after that they took pictures of all the men at our table too.

Eating escargot...

The climbing wall.
Amy and I even got on stage and did some karaoke. Which if anyone has heard me sing knows that is hilarious because I have the WORST voice ever, REALLY! We did Straight Up by Paula Abdul and you can see I even threw a few hot dance moves in there.

PS... Our cruise theme song is posted to the right. LOVE TODAY!


  1. jealous, jealous, jealous!!

  2. That looks like so much fun, and you look so great Heidi! I love that dress you are wearing, so cute.

  3. Wow Heidi, that entire week looks so fun and you look sooo great in all those photos...your wardrobe was great! I think I'd like to get a fun group together and do the same!

  4. Looks like a super good time. How fun for you!

  5. I've Been waiting for your post. You've got such good pictures of you and Ned together. Mark and I have like none. But I do love that group one at the top. That was so much fun! I had such a good time with you guys!

  6. So fun! I was looking forward to seeing some pics of you guys on the cruise!

  7. Oh, I want to go on that cruise now! I heard that zip lineing was amazing I want to try that so bad! Wonder if I could fit it in before the baby comes.LOL

  8. Oh I am sooo... sad it is over. Man we had sooo... much fun. I guess I will have to listen to Love Today until our next adventure. Look how white I look in all the pictures. My compact was too light for all the sun I was enjoying. Some of my videos are hilarious. We miss the late nights, never having to cook, and having someone make our room up every morning and night. Now its back to making four beds a day. That trip was much needed. Thanks for the memories everyone.We love and miss you guys already. I seriously want to invest in a fountain machine. I have been going to Sonics everyday during happy hour to get my large diet coke for half price. HaHa

  9. You look so, so hot in the gray/white dress! Looks like such a fun time...glad you guys had a blast!!

  10. I am so jealous right now!! What an amazing experience, and so beautiful!! I love all your cute outfits, can you take me shopping??

    So now that my baby is out I'm planning on training for a half marathon, want to do it with me? Any tips you can give me? I will e-mail you the details once I figure out which one I am going to be doing.

  11. You look beautiful Heidi! Looks so fun! I love that dress you're wearing! Wear did you get it? Hard to find a cute fancy dress.

  12. How fun!!! You now have made me want to go on a cruise even more!!! I'll be asking you for tips when we finally decide to go. Great pictures too!

  13. That looks like a dream vacation! We did this cruise for our honeymoon and loved it too. You looked amazing all week!

  14. I have never been on the cruise before but after watching this picture i have been in cruise in the near future. Nice and cute kids your family very beautiful. mexico cruise

  15. I love u with the Carcus!!!...HAHAHAAH classic!!