Mar 31, 2010

Our Outdoor Adventure In Puerta Vallarta

So as I promised in my last post (see below) I would tell you all about our OUTDOOR ADVENTURE excursion, which was awesome!

It was such a thrill and one of the best things (if not the best thing of our trip). So it says its an eco-tour, for the adventurous and outdoors type. PERFECT. It has Mexico's highest (yes I am scared of heights) and longest zip-lines. About 1,000 ft long and 250 ft. high!

So you start off on in true 007 style with an exhilarating speed boat ride whisking you to Boca de Tomatlan, a secluded beach at the edge of the jungle on the southern shores of Banderas Bay. Ned made fun of me the entire boat ride because I was giggling like a 5 yr old. I guess it wasn't as fun to others as it was so me...I loved going over the big ocean waves. (Ned almost lost his hat too, but Steve had a great catch).

Once on dry land, our 4x4 Mercedes Benz Unimogs (I guess they are old Swiss Army jeeps) take you on an off-road expedition 2,000 ft above sea level to our base camp deep into heart of the Sierra Madre Mountains.

Then the mule ride:

Then the real fun, and adrenalin rush begins. You go through a series of zip-lines, rappel down waterfalls, traverse jungle bridges and finally splash through streams and natural river pools. The guides were so super cool and fun too. They kept calling me "Kamikaze Heidi" because (truth be told) I was so afraid to be stuck out in the middle of the zip line that I wouldn't break before I came into the next platform. So I would run into my guide who had to catch me, or hit a tree... but it was fun and hilarious when I did it!

There were a few times when I SERIOUSLY freaked out and didn't think I could do it. Like when they told me to just sit down and sit back and THIS (what you see below) is the only thing below me...ahhhhh...but I did it and loved it. Who knew I'd rappel down a waterfall!

You get SOAKED was cold and we had so much fun watching everyones face as they actually hit the water. I wish I had all those pictures! HILARIOUS!

All in all it was SUCH a BLAST and we had the best group and SO much fun! I'd recommend it to anyone going out that way.


  1. Oh, that sounds SO FUN! I have always wanted to go rappelling. Oh, I think that might be our next cruise.

  2. looks like so much fun!!

  3. I'm so glad you have such a great sense of fun (giggling like a 5 year old) and adventure -- feeling the fear and doing it anyway! Its that attitude that makes every day of life...even typical days at home with the kids....worth living.

    Go Kamikase Heidi!

  4. wow, looks like so much fun!!! I'm jealous!

    P.S. Kaelyn just saw the picture of your mom and said 'Grandma"! HaHa.

  5. We're going there with you some day Hide!

  6. That looks freakin AWESOME!!!...SOOO jealous!