May 19, 2010

Flashback Photos

How it use to be in the good ole' days (and how it should be on the streets, but isn't now).
The neighborhood gang!
I am the youngest one...
My first Graduation

Danny & I
Mt. Rushmore 1986
(sweet pose right)

The family picture
(when I was 1 and slightly resembled Santa)

I ALWAYS had a great fashion senseMy mom at my 2nd b-day in the gold shirt, looking like she is 14 with 2 kids.
Blowing out my candles and pouring milk (& looking a lot like my little Asher)
4 GENERATIONS: Mom, Great Grandma Krause, me, (uncle), and my Grandma Krause.
And this one is just for laughs. We grow REALLY fast in my family (well with Krause genes anyway) so Hayley, me, and my mom all were Giant's in our younger days. As you may know I am a very average 5'4" right now. Well in 4th grade I was a not so average 5"4".
That is my mom standing in FRONT of the teacher, looking like a teachers aid or something.


  1. Those are awesome pics!

  2. OK, so that just made my day and was a major blast from the past for me! Fun! thanks Heid....

  3. Oh my gosh, these are such cute pics! I had to save the ones with Mark, of course. =)

  4. You do look an awful lot like Asher... or should I say he is a darker version of you?

  5. fun pictures. you look so much like your mom!

  6. I loved your flashback photos. They were great to see.

  7. AnonymousMay 22, 2010

    The pics were great. Brought back fun times. I remember 1st grade being friends and u tellin me that your mom had Hailey. I also remember the cool clubs we used to start. Great times. Glad we are still friends and keep in touch.

  8. love this post!!!! So funny!

  9. These are some great pictures, what a fun post! You look a lot like your mom!!