May 30, 2010

Happy 4th Birthday ELLA!



Jackson & Ella (look at that hug!)


Sydney & Ella

The kids with their ICEE Popsicles after slip n' slide & pool

Asher enjoying his cupcake

...and all in all, what a FUN day for the kids, and Ella told me "I have so many nice best friends, don't I mom?!" She most certainly does. THANKS for making her day!

Now wish me luck on YEAR FOUR!!!!!


  1. So much fun!!! Ashlyn had the best time of course. Thanks again for having us over. I still can't get over the twin thing, too funny. Well Happy Birthday to Ella once more!!! Now it's her turn to come and play here! :)

  2. Looks like a fun party. Sorry we couldnt make it. We have to get together to celebrate!

  3. She looks so spunky!!! Her and Leila would be best buds!

  4. Ella is so cute! I really wish we could have made it- it looked like such a fun party!! Happy birthday Ella!

  5. Heidi, those photos warmed my heart. Its so nice to see how much Ella loves her friends (and they love her). Wow, we are so blessed to have such a girl as a part of our happy family.