Mar 8, 2011

Ella in Dance Exploration

Anyone who knows our Ella knows she LOVES to dance, perform, and POSE for pictures.

This is way belated but these are her Christmas Dance recital pictures. We put her in a dance Exploration class (they do a bit of ballet, tap, gymnastics, and just learn rhythms, etc.) NOT hard core dance. But she LOVED it and actually did GREAT on her performance.


  1. Ella is a doll -- her poses are hilarious! But that Christmas tree of yours was, well, kind of pathetic. I guess I didn't make it out to your place during the holidays -- its worst than that live Charlie Brown tree I had a couple of years ago!

    I do love that Ella though!

  2. Those pictures are sooo cute and really capture her personality! She is not camera shy at all.

    Laughing at your mom's comment. :)

  3. Those poses are AWESOME! I can't wait to have a little girl old enough to go to dance class.

  4. That was NOT our Christmas! We had a nice huge real one, thank you very much MOM, in fact I feel like you saw it! That is Ella's own little tree and she decorated it herself, so thanks for making fun of my 4 yr. old...ha ha ha

    But yes she LOVES to pose!