May 10, 2011

Another Blood Curdling Cry in this here home...

So yes it was ME again (are you surprised?) probably not.

Well since there is so much DRAMA in our household, theses little things I guess I take for granted on a daily basis, and so many people loved my knife story (I even found out I had a few blog stalkers...YIPPEE!).  The fact that I was happy to share a little bit of our drama and get some laughs in return, that I thought I would sub-title our Blog (This Mama's Drama).

So you are probably still wondering why I let out another blood curdling scream. Yes I was being over dramatic (AGAIN!) but seriously!  My son Asher (33 month old son) just is potty training. He actually is doing GREAT (that makes me happy enough to just blog about that, but I know most people don't care). So onto the drama. I had him on the potty, he went and a little got on his little mini potty seat (yes its Princess, because we didn't replace it since Ella used it, and I am not going to).  Well I look away for a minute and in a split second I see him stick his finger in the pee & stick his finger in his mouth and LICKING it...ENTER blood curdling SCREAM! Ned is (VERY CALMLY may I add, as ALWAYS) asking what is happening in there. 

It's really funny the things little kids do without thinking, he never knew not to do that and I took it for granted that EVERYONE (children included) would know NOT to do that.

Another lesson for this Mama, with a bit o' DRAMA!


  1. Great story! I've been there. My kids love to eat their boogers. I'm like, REALLY???

  2. I just threw-up in my mouth a little bit, so gross. I hate potty-training. I'm sure my scream would have been just as loud!!

    P.S. Just got my Pump It Up passes and super excited about it!! Thanks for the info!!

  3. Oh, I think I would have screamed too! It really is funny though, you will have to tell him the story when he's a bit older :)