May 30, 2011

How to celebrate a 5th Birthday...

Start by going to get Ice Cream Dressed like THIS....
With your BEST FRIEND (Ashlyn Okamoto)
Then have your BF stay the night dressed like twins and staying up ALL NIGHT after reading a FANCY NANCY book (presents from Ashlyn)

Then waking up Birthday morning screaming "YES, this is AWESOME!" as waking up COVERED in balloons is the COOLEST thing EVER!

...with an easel and other gifts around the room...
THEN spending the entire BIRTHDAY (and Memorial Day) with cousins and family at Uncle Danny & Auntie Sarah's house for a pool PARTY!) 
Cousin William & Uncle Danny look how cute, cant get any better than all this!
Cousins: Ryan H., Carter T., & brother Asher

Ryan & Ella loving the pool!

NANA with her 2 oldest Granddaughters

And the cutest Birthday Girl there ever was!  Happy 5th Birthday my sweet ELLA!


  1. how fun! She is getting so big! What a fun birthday!!!

  2. So Cute! Now that's a fun birthday! Love the balloon idea. I just might have to do that one.

  3. You do know how do to a birthday:) I love the pictures of Ella and Ashlyn all fancy--so fun!

  4. How cute is that? What a great birthday! I can't believe she's 5 already! Where does the time go??