Jan 3, 2012

10 weeks to GO...

So I am 30 weeks now, so just about 10 weeks to go. So excited and SO not ready yet (well ready not to be prego anymore, but NOT prepared for an infant in the house yet).  The nesting begins...

Here is our baby boy from the 3rd ultrasound we have had this pregnancy on 12/21/2011...Ned thinks he has my lips already (fuller than his)! :)


  1. Those are some great ultrasound pictures! Good luck with all the preparations....I am in your same boat!
    You would think there wouldn't be much to get ready for with the third baby, but that's so un-true!

  2. So cute! You're doing better than me already...my baby is 16 days old and I still feel like I'm not even fully ready...no matter what I do I feel like I am always playing catchup! Good luck!

  3. Oh he is so cute already :) Yosemite just keeps getting more fun with all your sweet kids!!! Good luck with nesting, I always get crazy at that stage and have an uncontrollable urge to move all the heavy furniture in our home around, ha ha
    So excited for you guys!!!

  4. oh my word he is so cute!!!! can't wait to see this little man!!