Jan 30, 2012

Our LITTLE man starts preschool

It still seems a little unreal to me that Asher is old enough to start preschool (we know he isn't BIG enough) but he is on his 2nd week now of preschool and LOVES it! He was so ready.  I think seeing his big sister go to school everyday made him just want to go so bad. So we decided to try to get him started and in a routine before baby #3 hits the house in the next 5 weeks.  So here he is on his first day of preschool, Daddy came too!

His hair looks CRAZY in this picture...
So excited waving to me...
And then the nervous tic (both my kids stick their tongues out when nervous) odd I know...
Thumbs up on the way to his classroom

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  1. Asher is going to preschool??! I am going to have to talk to you about that. I really want to get Owen into a preschool (Joy school just isn't going to cut it another year) and I have no idea where to take him. We will have to talk.