Feb 8, 2012

Pregnancy Update

How far along? 35 Weeks

Total weight gain: REALLY!?  Well lets just say I am still within range of the recommended gain of 25- 35lbs. but will post this BEFORE my next doctors appt. just in case. :)

Maternity clothes? Refer to question above and figure that one out.

Stretch marks? none yet (from this pregnancy anyway)

Sleep: uh no, when I get up to usually the 3rd time after laying down, at 4ish I usually cant go back asleep (thus the black circles under my eyes)

Best moment this week: getting our new car seat/stroller deal @ Babies R' Us & ordering a new crib.

Miss Anything? being comfortable! (like breathing)

Movement: lots of major movements & kicking like CRAZY still

Food cravings: junk!

Anything making you queasy or sick: thinking about what I eat after I eat it

Gender: Boy

Labor Signs: Have had braxton hicks VERY strongly this pregnancy for months (never with the other 2 pregnancies), but still not regular.

Symptoms: Tired.  Uncomfortable.  Achy muscles (esp. my back). Gosh I sound like a pessimist, sorry!

Belly Button in or out? way out

Wedding rings on or off? still on! :)

Happy or Moody most of the time: Moody with bouts of happiness. :)

Looking forward to: Delivery day. Think I will pack my bags pretty soon. Start washing baby clothes and items. Stocking up a little bit more. It makes me happy and feel more at ease when I DO things to prepare.


  1. I remember those days fondly. I can say that now that I'm not the prego. Does this new little boy have a name yet. Your family is beautiful, Heidi, you are blessed.

  2. Thanks Sheereen.

    Yes. Baby:
    Tate Michael Broberg

  3. that sounds so much like my third pregnancy!!! I had false labor from 36 weeks on; sometimes up to 5 hours of regular contractions then they would just go away. NEVER did that happen with my first two. I gained more weight than you though! ;) I haven't ever stayed within the 25-35 lbs...oh well. Yay for baby #3!!!

  4. Yeah I have never stayed within the range either, and started WAY heavier with this one than the other two, and you are SO TINY Wendy!

  5. That's a fun questionnaire! He is almost here--yay!!

  6. This was a fun update. Thanks for it :) I'll have to do this soon.

  7. I had lots of braxton hicks contractions with my third too. When I actually went into labor I was already dilated 5cm...Are you dilated at all?