Sep 27, 2012

6 months has sure flown by

He is 6 months already! Where does time go, REALLY?!  I love that he has chunky thighs and his face is chubby and round.  My favorite look on little babies.

He loves to eat. And he especially loves cream puffs!
He loves attention and if he can tell you love him, he loves you even more.  
If you are a grandparent or neighbor he will give you extra love.

He rolls around like crazy. He knows he can get around anywhere doing so.  Including finding all the cords near the TV.  (Had to rectify that real quick). Haven't had to baby proof in 4 years, so this is a re-do!


  1. I love that sweet boy. We wanna watch him again. Bring the boys by one afternoon.

  2. It has flown by!! Super cute little guy!