Oct 1, 2012

A few "Gems" found

Tate pouting
You know: reading the paper, eating a strawberry with my legs crossed

Because we are cool like that!
Isn't this what every father and son do in the public bathroom?!?
These boys...
Playing air hockey (and didn't realize her face was filthy)
Asher picking my nose.

This kid does not even care! We all finished eating at Benhihana, got up and left and he just sat there eating by himself, he was NOT leaving that ice cream.

 OH WHAT A FAMILY WE HAVE. Fun times though, that's for sure!


  1. Those are hilarious! You really get an idea of your personalities from those little gems;)

  2. agree with sarah. i literally lol on some of these! so cute!! i love their personalities (parents included!) :)