Oct 16, 2012

The Fair (Funny Family Photo)

This picture is hilarious to me!

We ventured to the "Perris" fair down the street, because it's only 2 minutes away.

It was cold (verging on rain) but we decided to tough it out since I had promised my kids the last 2 years and NEVER kept that promise.  (So a little sad they figured that one out and now they get it and get mad at me if I don't do what I say...)

So commentary:

  • Ned looks just thrilled to be there. Doesn't he? He actually had a fun time, I don't know why he looks so bitter here.

  • Tate is probably checking out the pig that literally tried to attack me, another story.
  • I am smiling, despite being exhausted after a long bout of migraines that week.  Thrown together to make it there, determined to get to the darn fair this year.  I walked around with one of Tate's blankets on my neck because I am a cold Cali girl now.
  • Kyler (my friend Kim's little guy, she was taking the picture) probably not thrilled to be on my lap.

  • Ella. Well need I say more! She was THRILLED to be at the fair and was living it up. Until Ned got her on the Monster Truck and then she freaked out and tried to jump off.

  • Nana and Boppie lookin' cute with Ryan and Asher (giving their best smiles).

  • Peyton always trying to copy my kids (Ella in this case) which is usually NOT a good thing. 
  • And prego April a sport walking around.

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  1. Love the Broberg way of doing things, always a fun twist.