Oct 22, 2012

Palm Springs with my love

A few weeks ago, my love and I, had the opportunity for a weekend getaway, no kids (thanks to Grammy Karen=Tate, Nana Annette=Asher, Aunt Sarah=Ella).

So we trudged into the heat (crutches and all, more on my bum foot later) of Palm Springs. And totally loved having time for just each other doing NOTHING (not something the two of us do much, it was wonderful).
Eating at Kobe Steakhouse (our favorite) sans the obnoxious couple next to us who kept talking about how much he HATED certain groups of people (including Mormon's, which I am in case you didn't know already) I felt like saying something but decided to enjoy my dinner with my lovely spouse instead.
Ned told me to pose here?  Matching bellies.
Ate at Pinocchio's in the Desert which we thought was just hilarious.  But it did have SUPER good food!  Ned absolutely loved his! 
Maybe that's why he started posing like THIS!

I was thrilled when I found an "I LOVE LUCY" statue, I always loved watching the show with my mom and Grandma and still today will watch it.

Then we played LOTS of pool (evenly matched with lots of scratches) and hit 2 movies.  IT was awesome.  I LOVE THIS MAN!  (Excuse the horrible iPhone photos)

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