Jul 17, 2013

End of the School Year and Ella's bday at school

You mean school didn't just end..

well here is our end of the school year update....

Asher was a little star in preschool this year.  The teacher said she even would have him go to the front of the class and the whole class would compete against him doing sight words.  He just loves learning and soaks in new knowledge like a sponge.  He is SO excited to go to Kindergarten, which is really nice for me to not worry about him.

He went to a little preschool called El Portero (part of Ella's school district) and he had the BEST teacher ever! (see below)  They really helped motivate him, but understand
Nathaniel, Asher, & Mia
Sarah, Janell, & Arrianna
Tate at Chuck E Cheese

Then on Ella's birthday. We took cupcakes to her whole class and got to stay while they sang to her and ate cupcakes...
The kids (especially the girls) LOVED Tate and surrounded his stroller.  Until of course he got VERY overwhelmed and started to cry. He is a baby who loves his personal space.
Asher and Mrs. Davis (Preschool teacher)!
Then Asher and Tate on rides at ChuckECheese
Mrs. Calderon (Preschool Aide)
My parents took Ella to Spaghetti Factory for her birthday and got her a new reading lamp. This girl LOVES to read!
Yes she is CRAY CRAY!
She won another medal for accelerated reader award on Cowgirl day!

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  1. sweet post Heidi...I love some of these new photos. The one of Tate in his stroller is funny...and I love the kids with their school friends!