Aug 27, 2013

Our Summer in a PICTURES (and videos)

I had the greatest of intentions of COMPLETING this Summer Photo Checklist...we started out Gung ho.  And then, well, SUMMER happened.
So despite not completing everything on my OCD mother checklist, and considering I was puking or asleep half the summer as well. I must say we still did accomplish a whole and I think the kids had a blast.

We did the beach.

Sweaty "summer"saults...

Ella and I also had the chance to go to the Ronald McDonald Home where my nephew was SO sick a few summers back.  This was another great opportunity for service. Read my blog post here from my nephews blog.

YOSEMITE. Of course there was Yosemite, but that will need a post of it's own.  We were suppose to go with my family and Ned's, but because I was so sick with the pregnancy we only made it for the first trip with the Broberg's.  Here is all 11 grandkids...

We also did a Pirate Adventure. Come on how many people can say they did a Pirate Adventure over the summer...ha ha ha

Luau party. Which the kids thought was the greatest thing EVER.  Animals, a real pig to eat (I couldn't handle that), friends, trampolines, swings, food, jumpers.  Basically heaven for a 7, 4, and 16 month old.

Tate had really never been on a swing. So we thought his reaction was funny. He loved it but was VERY uncertain as well.

Asher learned to ride his bike with no training wheels.  With the help of his patient father, and not his very un-patient mother.  But he did it great and fast!

Ponies, tractors, and trains...oh my!
Tate is SUPER good at waving now...ha ha

We had MANY loud parades, dress up, played doctor, danced around the kitchen, and Tate carried around a toothbrush anywhere we'd allow it.

We got to end the summer (literally the weekend before school started) camping with our good friends the Okamoto's. We see each other about 1x a year because of kids, school, distance, and LIFE...but we were anxious to make it happen when we got the invite to get to spend a little time with them, even if it was just one crazy night....
We had a fun SUMMER and we SURVIVED! That's what's most important.

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