Nov 14, 2013

South Carolina with the Fab 5 Girls (Joy's Wedding)

You have probably heard me talk about the Fab 5 before, but long story short, these girls and I have been BFF's (best friends) since 6th grade.  Amazing I know!  

You probably remember back HERE when it was Kati's wedding, well this time it was Joy's turn.  She moved to North Carolina after Junior High and we still would all go out in the summers to visit and she would come out to Cali to visit, so we have all stayed in contact.  And SO the FAB 5 were reunited....
Heather, Missy, Joy, me, and Kati (blurry iPhone pic, but all 5 of us were here)
So Kati, Heather and myself departed from LAX on a RED EYE midnight flight (I do NOT recommend this being prego, it was miserable, really!  But the flight delays back home were even worse)! I got pretty sick from the altitude and just exhaustion, I think.  So this was not my favorite part.

But at least I got bonding time with these 2!  And I must say Heather was the super "hubbie" on the trip, taking care of everything (including our rented mini-van, and I must say I will convert them ALL)!
The first night was so nice because we got to catch up with Joy.  
We went out to dinner and laughed a LOT.  

We then went and checked out the wedding site which was beyond GORGEOUS!  We stayed here at the The Cottages on Charleston Harbor one night, we were all in heaven.

The next day we went to get our nails done, and did other wedding necessities, before heading to the airport to get Missy and her sweet baby who were flying in from SLC.

So we finally were all together and had a great time at the rehearsal dinner downtown Charleston.  Everything was so quaint...I loved downtown Charleston, and my only regret was not having more time to sight see and hang out longer. And I didn't get any pictures, besides the lousy one below...

The reception and wedding went SO fast and we didn't have time to capture photos, we left that to the professional photographers. But it was so fun and so beautiful and Joy was a beyond stunning bride.
Here we are with Wes (the groom) at the top!  And then below with the beautiful bride Joy!
It was just fun to meet all the fun bridesmaids and catch up with Joy's family whom we hadn't seen in years  Here we are with Joy's brother Eric and his best friend Pablo and the 5!
And then of course I can NOT go without mentioning my AWESOME HUSBAND.  

He was originally planning to come with me, but things didn't work out, and it ended up just being all of us girls, which was SUPER fun.  But still he of course had to sacrifice a TON in order to make this awesome trip happen for me.  He of course waited up (even though I begged him not to) until 2am when I came home, and I even had this sweet welcome home note from Ella on the front door when I came up. It was nice break from the kids, but it is ALWAYS nice to get back home to them. I missed them a ton and was ready to see my little ones again!

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