Dec 10, 2013

31 weeks (8.2 to go, but whose counting, right?)

The latest update...

How far along: 31 weeks

Gender: Still a nameless BOY!

Weight gain: I will just say for the FIRST time in my marriage (pregnancies included) I am more than my husband.  Enough said.  (This is when it really starts to show in my face).

Maternity clothes: Yeps.

Stretch marks: Luckily no.
Belly button in or out: OUT!

Sleep: OK. I am starting to feel like I cant breathe again, and my husband confirms that by periodic snoring (I do NOT snore usually). So I know it's getting cramped in there.

Best moment this week: Getting all the clothes sorted. From a boy that is 5, 21months, and baby on the way we have a TON of clothes new and hand me downs which was stressing me out. We have it sorted and ready.  (I keep a tub in the closet for Asher (5) and Tate (21 months) so as they grow out it goes in that tub so it will be organized and ready to store or to pass along.  It is hard getting sorted but worth it to use the clothes again.

Worst moment this week: Emotions.  Always the last few months of every pregnancy I started getting really irritable. It could be the lack of sleep I begin to get.  But the kids (especially my sweet little GIRL) who can push my buttons in just the right way.  I get cranky, irritable and short of the main reasons I REALLY looked forward to the end!

Miss anything: Being fit. For the most part I love to exercise and eat well.  I don't feel fit or healthy at all!  I can hardly walk the kids to school without "everything hurting", so I drive, then I feel so BLAH doing nothing all day. Cant wait to work out again.

Movement: YEP! All of my kids are gymnasts.  They flip, kick and prod. I actually enjoy it (even the sharp ones) and it helps me know they are thriving.

Cravings: Still Miguel's Jr.  Frozen chocolate chip cookies (not a norm for me).  

Queasy or sick: Nope doing good on this end. Just EXHAUSTED!  Can I mention here how much I HATE big kid homework, hate it!  That makes me SICK!

Looking forward to: Another ultrasound next week.  And enjoying the Christmas holiday then beginning the 1 month countdown!

Still haven't gotten a new belly shot, I really will try to get on that.  But for now enjoy this, because THIS is how I feel...


  1. Hang in there Heidi! You are so selfless to sacrifice your body, mind, time etc for another Child of God! You are becoming even more strong than you were after #3! xoxo

    1. You are SO sweet Heidi! That made my day and was just what I needed. I have a hard time being prego and know I am at the end. So just doing my best. And then look at YOU with your words of encourgament. THANKS!