Jan 16, 2014

more Christmas shenanigans

Christmas performances
Naps in the car
seeing my favorite people together more often
Celebrations with family and cousins (Todd's Christmas Eve, Broberg's Christmas Day)
Silly faces, waiting to open presents.

Santa gifts (puppet show performances)
Grumpy faces when costumes arrive WAY to late to be worn for parties
Super suprized faces when girly girls get girly things (high heels)
Seasonal germs calling for lazy pj days
Celebrating Christmas presents...out to eat with super silly kids
enjoying performances like STOMP down in LA...pre-show looking thrilled, right?!
How my shopping trips ALWAYS end up when I bring these rascals along.  The looks I get....
Knott's Berry Farm FUN with Broberg/Woolley families and my parents the day after Christmas. FUN tradition
Just for humor, Todd kid flashback to the Ontario days. Can you tell (by our faces) who probably orchestrated and was loving this scene...yes that would be me with April's orangy.

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  1. Great posts my dear. Love all of these photos (and people)...and, yes, you did orchestrate the nativity performance just as the faces might indicate.