Apr 26, 2012

6 week Milestones & Heading to a Cardiologist

6 week Milestones and Heading to a Cardiologist

So Tate is over a month now already, we can't believe how quickly time how flown by!  All mom's know exactly what I am talking about already.  But we have been so concerned with trying to keep him happy and healthy and that has kept us busy.

Yesterday (6 week appointment) we found out that Tate has a HEART MURMUR although we have been told to not worry yet (hmm), we still were shocked and worried when the doctor said she'd like him to see a specialist in San Diego or at Loma Linda and ASAP. So that is our next step. I wont write more on that since that is all I know at this point and will update more as we know.  But we are not opposed to any extra prayers.

With that being said in his short little 6 weeks of life SO much has happened.
  • Weened off breastfeeding (for lots of reasons) but my medicine from my incision infection made him super sick and extreme diaper rash
  • Thus struggling with ALL formula types and very very unhappy, colicky, and in pain.
  • Now on Nutramigen due to cows milk allergy, doing SO much better on this!!
  • Loving his older siblings talking to him and loving him. I think he is going to be a busy body active guy like his siblings too.  He is just starting to try to coo back.
  • Sleep is still few and far between. Sleeping in a 4 hour increment once at night (is nice) but hopefully will get better soon.
  • Daddy stays up with him for his night feedings right now (we have been SO blessed Ned was able to have time off of work to be with the family and bond).
  • Went to Sea World at 4 weeks and did GREAT!  Think he loved Shamu! 
  • Already had a photo session with Aunt Amy see here
  • Had his first Easter and took pictures with his siblings
  • If he is really upset the only thing that really consoles him is Daddy bouncing him up and down in his arms, Mommy doing squats with him, or driving in the car.
  • He's a sucker! Loves his pacifiers already (but only Avent)? 
  • Can't change bottles, only likes his Dr. Browns (which are a pain to clean, but we LOVE them)
At 6 week appointment his stats were:
  • 10 lbs. 1oz.
  • 21.5 inches long
  • Head size 14.75

1st dress up session, of course courtesy of Dad
Full body to remember skinny boy!
Loves his Avent pacifiers
What I have looked like most my first month!
SUPER chunky face close up


  1. oh my cuteness! he is seriously so beautiful!!! you make some gorgeous babies! good job on the 4 hours at least! Zealynn slept amazing up until almost 4 months...now she wakes up every 2-3 hours! i blame it on the teething!

  2. Awe! Love the pics! Thinking of you guys and keep us updated!

  3. Sounds like you guys have had a rough month. I hope things continue to get better. Ps-he is adorable. All my kids were little and skinny like that, I love it!

  4. I had a heart murmur when I was a baby, too. But the doctors told my parents that it wasn't uncommon and that it would probably fix itself. They were right. :)