Apr 13, 2012

Pre-Easter Festivities In Chino Hills

So before Easter we celebrated in Chino Hills with Ned's parents since we stayed the night out there to head out to Reseda...
Loved this picture of MY FAMILY (WHAT A DAD?!) all 3 kids
And LOVE seeing these 2 do this, without promptings from me (they fight like brother and sister) but they also love each other SO much!
Ned stretching his back (baby #3 is doing a number on us)
Even Ella said, "This isn't an egg hunt, no eggs are even hidden!" :)
We painted eggs this year and the kids did a great job (making a mess)!
Kids Favorite egg (via Dad) the Backson (Pooh Bear??)
Following the Egg trail to their baskets

Asher approved
Ella SO tired!  She did not like early church with extra early baskets

But she came around...

This is what Tate did Easter morning and this is what he got too??  Bad Mom!

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  1. Loved seeing all your new posts. Your kids are darling!
    How is it having 3 kids?? Should I be nervous?