Jul 17, 2012

Day 3 (My Broken Toe)

So we spent MANY a day (I think we did it everyday) going on the Pirate Ship Zip Line, which was only 2 minutes (tops) walking from the house and beach.
Ned on top getting Asher going

Ella on the zip line (who was a wimpy, and tried to jump off mid run her first time alone).
Asher looked SO tiny flying across, people thought we were evil sending him off alone on it, but he of course LOVED it and did it OVER and OVER.  

I also am pretty darn wimpy but my 1st time across I leaned back really far and when I hit the tire at the end my pinkie toe hit just right and broke.  It hurt so bad I wanted to cry (but I didn't!) but even worse I was so dizzy for about 10 minutes and thought I was gonna puke.  But the next day I knew I had to get back on and do it again so my kids would not be scared and would keep doing it.

Warning this video may be disturbing (not my broken toe time) just after I got back on, I am a nerd..

Ned and I also happened to celebrate our 8th Anniversary while on the trip, we are extremely romantic so we snuck out that night to see MIB, and I DID cry.  But I did tell him for our 25th that I wanted THIS house.  Which has THIS view.

More pictures of our FUN!

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  1. That looks like fun! But what is with your family and hurting your toes :)