Jul 24, 2012

Tate's Medical Diagnosis

So yesterday we had our appointment with Loma Linda Medical for Tate's pediatric cardiology appointment.  Thus far we had been at Rady Children's Hospital running tests and our next step was a sedated echo (I was nervous about the sedation) but we wanted to try to change over to L.L. since we knew it wasn't as urgent as first assumed and it was closer to home.

So by myself with the 3 kids I attempted to attend what I thought was just an intake appointment. But I was actually happy when they decided to just run ALL his tests that day to see what was going on, I wanted this, so was pleased. So I did the EKG, x-rays, etc. by myself with the 3 kids and it got a lot little crazy.

Asher putting a penny in Tate's mouth, was the straw that broke the camel's back.
So Ned rushed out early from work (which he really couldn't do) but my knight in shinning armor always comes through when I need him. So he was there in no time to take the 2 rascals while I was able to stay with Tate while they performed his Echo.  (Which they did NOT sedate him for). They said they would try it without sedation first and see how he did and only if he screamed too hard then they would sedate. I was SO happy at this point. Getting this test done, no sedation, and Ned had the big kids!  Maybe Tate could sense my happiness because he was AWESOME!  

He was just happy as a clam!  

Seriously the only issue we had with him moving was because he was laughing and talking and smiling SO much!  He was just chatting it up with the tech and she LOVED him and just kept commenting on how cute and good he was and how she wanted to take him home!

So diagnosis is:

Technical Information: Pulmonary valve stenosis is a heart valve disorder in which outflow of blood from the right ventricle of the heart is obstructed at the level of the pulmonic valve. This results in the reduction of flow of blood to the lungs. Valvular pulmonic stenosis accounts for 80% of right ventricular outflow tract obstruction. 

Lame Man Explanation: the tissue/flap allowing blood through is VERY thick on one side so the blood has to work extra hard to push through that "gate" (thus causing the heart murmur or sound the doctors hear).  It will not get "better" but typically in his mild case his body will catch up with it and no future issues.  Worse case scenario is it will get worse and he would need invasive surgery to expand or repair (but only a 2% case that it would get worse).
from our doctor
So from here...we go back to the doctor in 6 months to do the tests all over again to see how he is progressing.  If normal (or no changes) then again in a year.  If normal again after a few years we can start about every 2 years for life. But no impairment on his future activities, heart issues, etc.

Glad to know all this and blessed to be where we are today!


  1. So glad its not serious. Poor little guy and poor Mama! :(

  2. Glad it is nothing serious. Sweet lil' lamby

  3. That's so hard! Glad he didn't need to be sedated.

  4. I've been anxious to hear about Tate's heart, so glad it is something minor.

  5. That's wonderful it is something that shouldn't cause problems and that he did so well at the appointment! Why didn't you call me? I can definitely handle your big kids when you have appts and such:). I love your images you added!

  6. So glad to hear the positive news! Next time send your kids here...Ashlyn was just asking when Ella can spend the night again! :)

  7. So glad to hear that nothing serious is wrong with your sweet little Tate...he really is darling!

    Taking three kids anywhere is a little crazy, I can only imagine a Dr. office!!

  8. So good to hear such positive news..today my youngest granddaughter who was 5 weeks premature and is now four months old (corrected age)was diagnosed with mild to moderate pulmonary valve stenosis and we are all shocked. At present I am looking after my eldest granddaughter and she isn't settling very well overnight so I am rocking the pushchair with one foot as I try to lull her to sleep. So very glad I read you blog. Thanks for helping me stave off the sick feeling inside. All being well our story will be like yours and baby Polly will be ok. I think I may sleep tonight thanks to you...and a bit more rocking with my foot!! Goodnight frm Leicestershire, England...Kind regards Joan Gill