Jun 25, 2012

Baby Boy is 3 months and blessed (literally and figuratively)

Baby boy loves to smile and talk!

Munchable chunky cheeks
Got blessed last month and love my old fashion family blessing outfit.
Here I'm with Aunt Hayley Hamilton!

Ella Bell and Brobee love me lots! 


I cry at Tummy Time, so Mama tries the Bumbo

I sleep pretty good, but always room for improvement!
I'm bald like Daddy and have a cute big round head


  1. I love his 3 month tie! Such a cute, smiley baby!!

  2. Oh I love this boy and want to see him soon!

  3. He is adorable. Seeing his picture and the pictures of Ella and Asher make me sad that all of you are so far away.

  4. Is it just my imagination or are those boys clones of each other?