Jun 4, 2012

Good ole' Ben Franklin

Remember back here when I teased you about the $100 bill we found, well here it is: 
So I have never been one with great luck, but this little girl of mine has so much luck. First I thought she was lucky at John's Incredible Pizza when she won the 100 tickets and then again the 200 tickets. But that had nothing on THIS....
I love Ella telling the story best (see video) but basically what happened is: we were at Chipotle with my in-laws.  After we ate Ned was talking with his dad, his mom had Tate, and I was taking Asher potty.  Ella was wandering and suddenly turned to Ned and said "I found a DOLLAR"!  Ned said that's awesome hardly looking until his eyes bulged out of his head when he realized it had 2 ZEROS after the 1.  When i came out of the bathroom Karen and Ella came running over with undeniable excitement on there faces.

So after waiting to see if anyone came by looking, we explained to the kids that if it was in a wallet or if you knew whose it was it would be important to give it back to them, etc. etc and we still felt a bit guilty. But we KNEW if we walked around asking people if they lost a $100 bill there would have been a lot of people who had. So after waiting a while we decided we'd all go get frozen yogurt (the kids even got their own with whatever toppings they wanted, not customary in our home).

YEAH for lucky little girls!

PS I LOVE the end of this video because Ella is really giving me a hi-5 but it looks like she is slapping her brother for trying to interrupt her story.


  1. That is lucky!! I don't think anything like that has EVER happened to me!!

    I thought of one more expense for the Ragnar. You will have to purchase a reflective vest. You can find them in all price ranges. I bought the cheapest one possible, $6 I think, and it worked great.

  2. Oh my goodness, way to go Ella!!!
    Next you'll need to test those skills under the bridge in Yosemite... all the lost coins won't stand a chance :)