Jun 13, 2012

Telling Her Story: Morgan Lee Myers

So I have been debating for some time now wheter I should blog about this or not, it's such a sensitive subject and don't want anything exploited, but I have had so many people asking about Morgan (Ned's cousin who was murdered) and Morgan's sister told me she'd love her story to be told and hopefully we can all learn something from this or perhaps someone else can be helped by doing so.

SO...Morgan is Ned's cousin. His mom's sister Laura's daughter was born May 1981 and was nicknamed "Muggs".  You can read her full obituary here.  To sum it up she was a vibrant and loving person and most especially a doting mother. She loved her children!  And she was a good person who got involved with the wrong person.  Morgan was only 30 when she was fatally stabbed in a Walmart parking lot by her ex after obtaining a restraining order against him a week earlier.  She had apparently left town for a little while (hoping things would calm down) just before this had happened because she was afraid for her life.

This all just brakes my heart knowing how hard that would be to know you are leaving your children...one of the last things she said was, "My poor babies"

Right now family and friends are trying to gain stronger protection order laws.
Here is an explanation of Morgan's Law.

Here is more information as well regarding what happened: Slain woman's family wants stronger protection order laws

Most importantly we are getting signatures on this petition to hopefully help in some cases, we would love if you would sign and help.  So if you felt inclined to sign the petition you can do so at:

Morgan's Law - Victim's Rights for Protection Orders Petition | GoPetition

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  1. You explained it all with such class, Heidi. Thank you.