Jun 26, 2012

Summer Swimming in Full Swing


Can these pictures tell you how EXCITED I am for teenagers???

Ella Bell also decided that she is suddenly BRAVE (yes we saw the movie already) so she can ride her bike without training wheels, swim without a life jacket, and "surfs".

We just got passes to The COVE water park near my parents house and she shocked me when she said I wanna do that surfing thing (she just turned 6) and I threatened her with "If we wait in this long line you BETTER really do it"  Well she did it and I LOVED the little boys cheering for her in the background with me when she "accidentally" got air and did a few 360's.

My kids are the ones with their heads under water while my friend Kim is laughing at my little fish!
Asher's first day of swim lessons, EVER, can you tell how anxious he looks.

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  1. that video of Ella body boarding is AWESOME!!! I would be one proud mama! I seriously would probably be ridiculous saying "how freakin cool is my daughter?!" lol she is so hilarious!