Aug 21, 2012

Back to School

Hair Cuts.
And celebrating the EVE of Back to School Night (and my birthday) at Chick-fil-A Back to school Party night.  

Laid out shoes, backpacks, and outfits out.

Got fathers blessings from Dad.
Talked about our theme for the year "I Will Go, I Will Do" and talked about how we can do hard things!

 Got up early. Did the hair.

Meet up with our neighborhood crew to walk on over.

 Hand in hand walked with friends through the gate.

Down the "red carpet"

A quick hug to her beloved Kindergarten teacher (I almost cried I wanted her again)!

Then off to the new class.

"NO" and I mean no, looking back!

Then started a new tradition (2nd year in a row now) of ordering pizza at home for dinner.  (I didn't get pictures) because we were all hungry and busy talking about our days.

We then all tell what our LEAST favorite thing of the day was and what our MOST favorite thing of the day is. It is usually pretty entertaining since are kids are still pretty young.

SO...Happy School Year to ALL!

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