Aug 13, 2012

My Country Cuties

I'm not one to do many silly themed pictures, BUT my mom got Ella this adorable old fashion western dress and the boys room is outdoors themed, so I  just could not resist. 

P.S. Ned and I were laughing hysterically at Tate's face in this picture (well in most the pictures) and Asher's too.


  1. So cute! I especially love Asher's boots. BTW are they on the wrong feet? If so, that's even cuter!

  2. Ha Ha...that is funny you noticed. Yes they are. I didn't go into the details (I debated doing so) but it was HORRIBLE by myself with the 3 kids and I forgot about 5 things (like Ella's shoes & under shirt) so Asher just having his boots was an accomplishment, and he put them on himself so I was happy! :) Memories!

  3. Your kids take great pictures, especially Ella! She looks like a natural!