Aug 17, 2012

Summer has come and GONE

As a mother am I allowed to cry when summer ends?

I was so excited for the kids to start school and preschool again, but now I just can't believe its OVER!  Summer is suppose to end AFTER Labor Day (anyone else bitter about this)?

We tried to squeeze is as much as we could this summer and it sure flew on by!  So we did a FEW things...
My Best Friends Wedding (The Fab Five..the original ones that is)

Fontana Days Race (both kids did it this year)
and ALL the Broberg side cousins excluding Tate and Taylor
Tate's Baby Blessing

Popsicles of course...

Playing with our new baby brother (who loves Ella)

"Dancing in the Rain" (Hayley just for you)

The Parentals 35th Anniversary

Lots and LOTS of Dress Up!

  And some sleeping in the car too

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  1. First of all I have to tell you that I LOVE the Western pictures of your kids!! I don't know how you pulled it off, but you got such cute pictures of all three of them! When I tried to do that it was a NIGHTMARE!! Love love love how cute all the pictures turned out.
    Also, I LOVE the cute little ties Tate has on for each month and the "first food" shirt was so cute. Such a cute idea.