Aug 7, 2012

Mission Day and on the Bay

So as a child growing up we always visited the local missions on vacation, or even made it a vacation to visit the mission itself.

So while on our trip we had a wonderful day (probably one of our favorites) riding our bikes all the way from our beach house, to downtown where the San Buenaventura Mission is.  
Here's my mom, the kids, and Ned walking in the mission AND Ella giving confession to my dad
It was a beautiful trip. Although Ella kept saying, "lets get out of this creepy place" while in the chapel.  I tried to explain how beautiful it is and how people come here to worship God just like we do and then she felt better and we played an "eye" spy game.
I LOVED this prayer and wanted to remember it
My kids thought this statue was hilarious and you cant tell, but he had funny teeth so the kids were trying to pose like him with a silly face.

We also had a few minutes of HYSTERICAL laughing when we saw these memorials (I know SO WRONG) but I like to just say they were statues.

If I die and you make a memorial statue of me, please don't keep my belly!  I'm just saying!

LOOK at Ella's face kissing the pirate, it was just happenstance that it took like that, but what the!?!

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  1. That looks like a super fun day! We need to explore more missions...we've done SLO but that's it. I'm going to laugh when Ella ends up in love with a pirate after that pic;)