May 23, 2013

Big Bear Zip Line Adventure

For Christmas I purchased Ned a Zip line tour in Big Bear for 4 (Yep, called and asked if the kids could join us on one of our many adventures and they said yes. I shared the deal with all my family and the only other crazies that took the bait were my parents!
We had such a great time!  And it is always good to step outside your comfort zone and do something hard. We were particularly proud of Miss Ella, who not only did it (we were worried it wouldn't even happen with her) but she did it on her own!  As they were giving instructions Ned and I looked at each other and later confirmed that we were both thinking there is NO way she will do this on her own. Well she did and she did GREAT!
Ella on her practice run!  She did great, even using her hands to break perfectly.

We officially decided Asher is the BEST entertainer of all!  I could tell loads of stories just from this trip alone, but let's just say that the 32lb boy THOUGHT he was truly the tour guy, telling people (whom we did not know) "Follow me guys, and watch your step!"  WHAT?  Wild 4 year old that's for sure.
The whole group on the tree top stop. It was REALLY high and the tree swayed, this one freaked me out a bit!  That is Asher sitting on the branch, Ella in the middle, and my mom peaking through the bottom.

While we waited Ella got a hold of the camera and took some pictures as her and Asher explored.

Ned and Asher on the practice run!  Asher loved it!  Fist pumps and all after...
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  1. So FUN!! What an adventure! Awesome that your kids got to participate too.

  2. Love these photos of everyone!