May 31, 2013

My Baby Boy...still NOT walking...what?!

I'd be lying if I said it didn't bother me a little bit, but I kept waiting until our little guy could walk until I did this "review" post, BUT I don't know how long I will be here we go.  

I know you aren't suppose to compare but Ella & Asher were both WAY talking and walking and running and singing full songs by his age, so good thing he is UBER cute!  I think we all baby him a lot and do a lot for him unlike the other other ones and I am always on the go, poor thing has probably spent half his life in a car seat...ha ha ha

So onto the cuteness...

Probably my FAVORITE pictures EVER!  We returned the suit after we tried it on, because he despised it. But I almost wish we would have kept it for entertainment!
He loves to talk, most of it is nonsensical or Dadda for the first few months. But he also says Ella,
more, Nana, all done, down, up, Mama, and a few other nonsensicals.  Exhibit A video from gymnastics..

He is very selective on WHO he loves (ask my poor sister Hayley) BUT if he loves you HE LOVES YOU!  He is full of love and SUCH a happy baby!  He really is easy and happy.
A highlight of his year this year was getting Asher from preschool. He thought he was pretty cool sitting on Asher's mini couch in the reading area.  He also enjoyed (most of the time) his siblings attacking him in his crib.

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  1. I can relate!! My 14 month old is not walking yet and HATES it when we force him. Someone told me as long as he's walking before kindergarten he'll be okay. :)