May 7, 2013

Tate's FIRST Birthday (Dr. Seuss)

Wowzers, it was a doozie!  Dr. Seuss themed party!

My baby Boy's 1st Birthday was March 12, 2012.  And I really wanted to celebrate, so I sent out the invitations...
I made them in photoshop, then printed them at Costco) and thought they turned out pretty cute! 
 (Little did I know that of course my baby boy would wake up sick (pretty much how it has been continually for us the last few months!)
But he was still his happy self all day, enjoying his special day!

Tate and Nana!

We also had family and friends join us at the park (for easy easier clean up) and enjoy some Costco pizza and tons of goodies and junk to go with our 

Cat in the Hat theme.

We did a pinata, balloon popping game, and a scavenger hunt, the kids had a blast being wild outside.
Some opted to just chill out on top of the play ground (Alejandra, Asher, and Ella)

And you know when you are busy hosting a party and you don't have a lot of time to do anything else but host.  Well that is my excuse for:

  1. Ella having no shoes on (above picture) that would usually never happen
  2. Asher coming to the party with a cowboy hat and cowboy boots on (I blame dad for that though, since he meet me there)
  3. The doozie: someone yelling "hey look at Asher". Then looking over to see my sons bare butt shining at the rest of us as he is peeing in the bushes with his shorts around his ankles (yes there was an open restroom)
Kids were dancing on tables that, how fun it was!

Check out how cute these 3 are dancing together on the table. Peyton is my niece singing, Asher is dancing, and William is my nephew enjoying the entertainment!

It was so nice to celebrate this sweet baby boys life! I appreciate all the family and friends who came to celebrate with us and those who brought such wonderful things to share or for Tater.
Tate didn't care for all the boys wanting to share in his new turtle sandbox though...
You can see I tried to do all the treats and goodies with the theme to Cat in the Hat.  My friend Michelle made the little marshmallow/goldfish treats (One Fish, Two Fish) & Amber made the jello squares.
I put stickers on goodie bags for treats to take home.  And treats all in funky colors.  I bought the stickers, boxes, funky suckers, candles and hat from Oriental Trading Company.
We had MORE than enough cake and cupcakes.  I bought one just for Tate to destroy, but since he was sick we decided it would be best not to clean up blue puke.  It's little fish sprinkles with tags that have lines from Dr. Seuss on them.
I used cotton candy to top the cupcakes for a funky look.
I also found water bottle labels with his picture and 1 on them.

Overall it was a great party and I hope Tate can look back at these pictures and see how much he was loved!


  1. That was a great party! Good job on everything. And Tate is just too cute... I kept looking at his cute pictures. And I still love the 3 crazies doing to ko-boy dance.

  2. AnonymousMay 09, 2013

    That looks so fun, I'm gonna use some of those ideas. What a cutie !